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Will Getting a Microloan Hurt My Credit Score?

By Mini Saha | September 19, 2022

Microloans are great if you need a small loan with more flexibility than a standard bank loan. Many money-borrowing apps in the market can help you get fast cash.

What Are Microloans?

Microloans are unique forms of loans funded directly by an investor instead of a traditional bank lender.

These microloans are much more flexible than traditional ones since the money is an investment rather than just a loan. Investors can help work with you to set the terms of the loan so you can make the most of borrowing the money you need. With microloans, you can get favorable terms and fewer restrictions depending on the investor you partner up with.

Investors are always looking to make profits on the money they put into microloans. That means they are likelier to help borrowers that will benefit them and help them achieve that goal. Success helps them profit while helping you get the loan you need more quickly than a bank.

Microloans are also smaller than traditional ones, hence the name. They are helpful when you need a smaller amount of money. Microloans mean micro credits that are usually under $2,000. They are great if you need to borrow small cash since banks will not loan less than $5,000 on average.

Microloans work to help you in your time of need when a bank loan is not an option. Since you will work with an investor, you can show them you are a good borrower even if your credit score is low. That is an option you will not have when getting a loan from a bank because they require very high credit scores.

Microloans are unique and can help you borrow the money you need for any circumstance you find yourself in.

Do Microloans Hurt Your Credit Score?

With microlending, there are a few different ways that your credit score can be affected in good and bad ways. 

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The Good

You have a higher chance of getting approved for microloans than for traditional loans. Not everyone needs a lot of money, but getting small cash can be complicated. Fortunately, microloans are a quick fix for that.

Another upside to microloans is that as long as you make payments on time each time, it will keep helping improve your credit standing.

Just like any other loan, you will get a boost in your credit score whenever you make your payments on time. That is an easy way to improve your credit score if you take a small loan that you can pay off quickly. 

Microloans are great for people who need to build credit scores because they can borrow $100 or $2000 and pay it off quickly. Some people need to borrow small money and have a low credit score. Investing in them through a microlending platform can benefit both parties involved. Borrowers get the money and build their credit, while investors get paid back with profits.

Microloans are a suitable way to build credit and become eligible for bigger and better loans later.

The Bad

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Even with the upsides, there are always downsides to borrowing money that can hinder your credit score.

When you sign up for a microloan, there is a credit check you will have to complete before borrowing money. That check is so the investors know what kind of borrower you are, allowing them to consider the risk they will take. Based on the microlending platform you use, they might require a hard credit check, which will ding your score. If you are lucky, they will only do a soft check, but it all depends on what they require from you before offering the money.

Your score will see an impact if the money borrowing app only does hard credit checks. While that seems bad, your score will go back up once you start paying the installments on time. You will lose some points, but you can gain them back over time and improve your credit score.

Therefore, microloans may temporarily hurt your credit score, but everything will balance out gradually.

Creating Better Ways Of Getting A Loan

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Since microloans offer more flexibility, borrowers get a seamless experience from applying for a loan to getting the money.

As mentioned, banks make it difficult for individuals to secure loans, especially when one does not have an excellent credit score. Microlending creates better opportunities since the investor can still fund your loan, regardless of your credit score. With this form of lending, you are usually out of luck if your credit score is too low for the lender’s requirements.

Without microlending, everyone would get stuck using credit cards and high-interest loans that take forever to pay off. Microlending is creating more opportunities for people that need a change from their typical loans. When you require a small loan with less risk and burden, a microloan is what you need.

You can continue to create better lending opportunities for yourself by pursuing a microloan from an investor. You’ll no longer be stuck with traditional loans. Microloans give you the best options for getting funds quickly.

If you need help with funds instantly, trying to get a microloan is a good option for you that will help you in the long run.

With so many microlending platforms in the market, it can get confusing as to which one you should use. We’ve made it easier for you.

Apply For A Microloan At Your Fingertips Using The Lendee App

Lendee is not your regular app to borrow money. It is a trusted and easy-to-use microlending platform used by multiple borrowers and investors on the go.

When you think your options to get small financial help are becoming bleak, Lendee can come to your rescue. Besides, you can apply for a Lendee microloan sitting in the comforts of your home. Whether you need small cash to pay tuition fees, purchase your kid’s school supplies, or buy machinery for your small business, microloans can help.  But remember, you can’t use a microloan to pay off any existing debt. 

Unlike other apps to borrow money that are complicated and confusing to use, Lendee is a simple and transparent platform. Besides, you get approved faster than anywhere else.

Lendee gives you quick access to microloans, so you don’t have to wait long. Once you create a loan request on the app, it gets posted on the Lendee marketplace. The vast network of registered and verified Lendee investors review your request and make an offer. This allows you to pick an option that best suits your needs and circumstances.

Another big perk of using Lendee is that you can raise multiple microloan requests and raise your chances of getting the best terms. Imagine using your credit card for every small purchase and the amount of debt you would accrue.

Overall, with any loan, you must do your research well and understand each detail before moving ahead. This can help you decide better and avoid any troubles.

You can experience a seamless experience of getting a microloan on Lendee. So download the Lendee app now and get the money you need instantly without going through the hassle traditional lenders put borrowers through.