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Why borrow with Lendee?

Low credit score? No problem!

Do you have a low credit score? No problem! With Lendee, anyone can get the loans they need at competitive rates. You can also increase your chances of getting a microloan by following the suggested tips.

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Loans at a competitive rate

Lenders compete to provide you the best loan fee. You set the terms, lenders will provide their rates. Lendee gives you the power to choose what’s best for you.

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Flexible payback options

We want you to succeed. Link your bank account to enroll in automated payments to never miss a payment.

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Create an impactful profile

Complete your profile details by adding the basic information. The more details you enter, the more are your chances of getting a microloan!

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Ask for help by creating a request

Select the amount and choose a repayment date that works for you. With monthly reminders and digital tracking, your request will be created.

Interested lenders will be happy to help!

Once you've created your request, lenders interested in it will be ready to provide you with a helping hand by generating offers.

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Get funded hassle-free!

Once you accept the offer, money will be transferred to your Lendee wallet. Get the funds you need.

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