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Our Mission

Enabling microlending with ease like never before

High operation and underwriting costs have created barriers to lend and access capital. This has failed both borrowers and lenders. Lendee aims to remove all the unnecessary costs by using technology to give borrowers transparent and immediate access to capital and provide lenders the same data and tools big financial institutions have at their disposal via an app.


Simple interface, and very user friendly.

From the very beginning of my time using lendee, I’ve been able to navigate and use the service flawlessly. App contains a lot of credible buyers and many lenders to fill any request. The site has a way to determine creditworthiness and allows you to make sound decisions when lending and that same system will prove your worthiness and speed up the time it takes to get a loan. I love it A+++

-Mark J.

Core Values


Transparency At Its Best

We maintain complete transparency throughout the microlending process for a seamless experience.


Providing Immediate Access

We aim at providing immediate access to funds borrowers need, and to information lenders require to invest their money.


All Tools In One App

With monthly reminders and digital tracking, you get all the tools in one single application.