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List your business on Lendee marketplace today. Select the services of your choice, choose Public or Custom offer, & a QR code will be generated. Share this QR code with your potential customers & you’re all set.


Easy Sign Up

Getting started is easy. Create your Lendee Business account in minutes.


Attractive Offers

Promote your services to more customers at little-to-no cost . No hidden charges. No fuss.


Automated Process

You will receive the payouts automatically. No manual involvement.


Access All Leads In One Place

Access customers, payments, & keep a track of everything in one dashboard.


Create Custom or Public Offers

You choose to make all or specific services available to potential customers by choosing the offer type.


Offer Validity

Select the duration for which the offer will be valid. You can set different durations for multiple offers.

How it works?

Get started in 3 easy steps

Choose Offer Type

Lendee Business gives you the power of choice. You can create a Custom offer for a particular customer or a Public offer to make it available to everyone.

Add Offer Details

You can add multiple service offers in your list. Mention details to create your offer, provide your service name, cost of the selected services, and add description.


'Publish' or 'Send' Offer

Once you have created an offer, you can set the duration for which it will be valid. Simply publish or share the offer QR code so your potential customers can scan it and avail your services.


Simplifying the way businesses make more profit

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