Why Lendee?

A better alternative to traditional financing

Lendee is an innovative microlending platform that eliminates the hurdles of traditional financing. Lendee makes it easier for borrowers to get money at a fair rate no matter their credit score and for investors to lend money for fees & terms of their choice. All this in one seamless user interface.

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Let's create a microloan request

Create a Borrow Request

Get the money you need in just a few clicks!

Need to borrow $100? $2000? With Lendee, you’ll get instant access to a network of lenders willing to lend you the money you need. No matter what your credit score is, Lendee will ensure you receive a loan at a fair rate. Sign up today with just a few clicks.

Invest with Lendee

Invest today to start earning tomorrow

With Lendee, you’ll gain instant access to a network of borrowers and investment opportunities. Once an offer is accepted, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll handle all of your payments, collections, and monitoring within the Lendee app.

Investment: $100 / month
Earning: $204 / year (approx.)