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make your startup more attractive to investors

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Startup More Attractive to Investors

By Mini Saha | November 1, 2022

Your startup idea is brilliant, and you’re passionate about getting started. But the one roadblock ruining everything is getting investors to fund your business. Most startups struggle to get investors’ attention, and somehow if they manage, it may take days, weeks, and even months to get the funding. 

One of the most common issues among small businesses is they don’t scale up. It could be due to no focus on growth or concentrating too much only on products or services without prioritizing clients. Whatever the reason is, investors will be more than willing to help if you can make your startup more attractive to them. Whether you get money from traditional investors or use an app to borrow money, make your startup stand out from the rest.

Top ten tips to make your startup more attractive to investors.

1. Have a clear vision of your goals.

The first thing prospective investors want to know is what your startup will bring to the world and how you plan to achieve it. With a well-defined vision, it is easier to make your startup look more attractive to investors who’ll know that you know what you are doing. 

So, before you go for an investor meeting, ask yourself, why does my business exist?

2. Stay laser-focused.

You can’t count on just your big idea to find success with your startup since it’s so much more than that. The two critical resources are time and money, both of which will be in short supply. You must be extra vigilant and disciplined about spending each penny.

Ensure you create a ruthless priory list to identify the tasks and projects that don’t solve your problems or stay relevant to customers. Most investors are impressed to see hungry and motivated new entrepreneurs who are competent and always alert to new ideas.

3. Draft a solid business plan.

Having a well-thought business plan is the stepping stone to impressing investors. Why? It allows investors to see if your idea is viable and has the potential to profit. 

Add an outline of your startup in your executive summary. Prepare it, in the end, to effectively put all the crucial information together.


Besides the executive summary, include the following sections while creating a business plan.

* Description of your startup

* Products/services

* Competitive analysis

* Marketing strategy or plan

* Sales process and tactics

* Financial detail

4. Have a great team behind you.

An investment-worthy business attracts and retains its employees. If you think investors only assess your products and business model, it’s time to change that. Investors want to see who is on your team. Trying to manage everything on your own or hiring the wrong people won’t inspire confidence in investors.

5. Choose investors wisely and know how to pitch your idea to them.

You need to assess investors in return while they are assessing you. A potential deal can seem exciting but ensure you know everything about your partnership. Don’t sign any papers unless you are sure of everything. It takes two to form a successful partnership. So if they are not a good fit, your business will suffer.

Once you find the right investors, you should be able to sell your startup idea in a way they get interested. With a well-crafted pitch, you can achieve it all. Your pitch should speak to the needs of your target investors.

6. Launch quickly, start small, and scale up slowly.

Delaying launching until you think your product is perfect will keep dragging your success. Perfection doesn’t exist, and the truth is that your startup is worth more in practice than on paper.

Similarly, don’t try to be everything for everyone. Define a small market, get into it sooner than later, test, collect feedback, make changes, and enjoy small growth one at a time.

It is much easier to build a business model with a niche audience, adjust offers, and deliver personalized services. One of its biggest perks is access to valuable data so you can tweak changes to drive growth. It is something that can make your startup more attractive to investors.

Moreover, a small, loyal customer base can work as a valuable marketing tool, getting you more business through word-of-mouth. 

7. Be prepared for an audit.

It is natural for investors to conduct due diligence before they invest in your startup. You should be prepared for it since it’s a time-consuming process. By all means, have your financials in order and be ready to answer questions investors may have. The better prepared you are, the more favorable impression you can create on the investors.

8. Be flexible about your product.

The success of your startup depends on your customers — not just your genius business idea. Always put your end-consumers first and then your product. You must show that you have complete knowledge of your market and customers to attract the most suitable investment.

Learning about their preferences, buying patterns, pain points, or how much they are willing to pay for your product can help you tailor-make solutions.

Losing sight of your customers will bring out a very likely outcome: no buyers, no business.

9. Keep going.

Once you’ve launched your business, you can’t stop working. In fact, you need to put in more effort than ever now. Look for other markets to target and grow your business. Forget about sitting on your laurels for a second. Keep challenging the status quo and expand your offer to take over underdeveloped markets. It will show investors you are competitive and worth investing in.

10. Have a defined exit strategy.

Investors want to see how they’ll get back their money. Besides, this can make your startup more attractive to others. Whether you’re applying for traditional loans or microloans, exit strategies give investors confidence that their investment is safe.

The exit strategy for startups is one of the most notable benefits, drawing potential investors quickly. One of the most critical features of starting projects is that they are designed to be bought or sold. Not to go down from one generation to another. Each startup company should remember that. This is the foundation upon which an interesting exit path for investors might probably grow.


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