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Investment: $100 / month
Earning: $204 / year (approx.)

Redefining microlending

Why choose Lendee?

All your microloan requests in one place!

Access loan requests by borrowers in one seamless interface. Lendee ensures you never miss an opportunity to earn profit. Stay updated with pending microlending requests & plan your following action accordingly.

Know your borrower

With one tap, you can learn everything about the borrower. Check their Lendee Score, Account Details, Financial Health & Profile Details to make a better decision. Explore all options & choose a borrower that ticks your checklist.

Want to start lending?

Lending made easy for you

Setup your profile and get ready to invest

Begin your investing journey by setting up your profile. Fill in your basic details and add the money you wish to invest. You can add money using a range of payment methods.

invest money online - step 1

Create an offer or explore requests from borrowers

Create your own offer, generate a QR or share your offer with people on your contact list. Your offer will be shared with borrowers who are in need of funds. You can also explore and accept requests from borrowers who need help.

Invest Money Online - step 2

Set your preferences and send offer on your terms

Add the fee you would like to charge, set your payback preferences and validity of your offer. Interested borrowers will accept the offer.

invest money online - step 3

Sit back and let us handle the rest!

Once your offer is accepted, we will manage payments, collection and monitoring for you. We will notify you with all the updates.

invest money online -step 4

Simplifying the way businesses make more profit

Because life’s
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