We will be launching in the first quarter of 2023.

Invest. Diversify. Profit.

Lendee is an innovative microlending platform that matches investors with deserving borrowers for profitable returns on their investments. Lendee manages, collects, and reports payments for investors within the app.

Microlending is great because you can get a return on your loan in a short period of time. Also, because the loan amount is small, borrowers can and will likely pay back faster.

Microlending has
untapped potential

Experience microlending like none other with Lendee.

Lendee provides all the details about borrowers, their credit history, spending history, financial health, and profile to help you make the best lending decision.

Here’s how Lendee works for investors

Verified borrowers on Lendee create microloan requests that appear in the Lendee marketplace

As an investor, you can view thousands of incoming microloan requests every day. Invest in those who you think deserve your money. Most Lendee borrowers need money for basic necessities such as groceries and bills.

You can access your borrowers' credit history, spending history, and detailed profile before accepting any request.

When you accept a request, you can decide on the fee you want to charge for your microloan. For instance, if you are lending $100, you can charge a fee of $20 and get a total payback of $120 in just a few months (with a profit of 20%).

“Every payment made by the borrower is reported to the credit bureaus.”

About Lendee

More than half of Americans and their families struggle to pay for basic necessities. Currently, there exists many nonprofits and charities that claim to help people in need, but due to a lack of transparency, we don't even know who our money is helping. Lendee was launched to create a bridge between those who want to help and those who need it. Lendee verifies all borrowers to ensure your money makes a difference in the lives of those who genuinely deserve that help. With Lendee, you can skip bureaucracy and make a difference for someone in need.

Lendee will launch in the first quarter of 2023.

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